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Introducing the Nassau Dolphin, your ticket to an aquatic-inspired journey on two wheels! Dive into the world of electric biking with this innovative city bike, designed to make your daily adventures smooth, efficient, and a whole lot of fun.

Effortless Propulsion: The Dolphin is powered by a robust 250-watt MXUS rear wheel motor, providing you with a seamless and powerful ride. Glide through city streets effortlessly, and feel the thrill of the open road at your fingertips.

Extended Range: With a 13 Ah battery cleverly integrated into the rear carrier, this bike offers a remarkable range for your daily adventures. Commute to work, run errands, or take the scenic route – the Dolphin keeps you going mile after mile.

Smooth Gear Changes: The Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur ensures that you have the perfect gear for any situation. Conquer hills with ease, cruise along flat roads, and navigate through traffic effortlessly.

Responsive Braking: Safety is paramount, and the Dolphin delivers with reliable V-brakes. Enjoy precise control and responsive stopping power, ensuring a secure ride in all conditions.

Practical Commuting: Your daily commute just got an upgrade. Whether you’re heading to work, grabbing groceries, or meeting friends for a coffee, the Dolphin is your versatile and reliable companion.

  • Product Info

    28” lady frame, 47cm
    Suspension fork
    Mxus 250W rear hub motor
    13 Ah carrier mounted battery
    Shimano Altus 7v rear derailleur
    LCD C300-S display
    Battery Lights

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