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Introducing the Nassau Hutia, where versatility, power, and adventure come together in a compact, foldable package! This folding fatbike is designed to take you off the beaten path and beyond, offering a thrilling and rugged ride with the convenience of foldability.

Folding Fatbike Adventure: The Hutia is the ultimate adventure companion. Its fat tires provide stability and control on a variety of terrains, from sandy beaches to snow-covered trails, while its foldable design lets you take your adventure anywhere.

Powerful Rear Wheel Motor: Equipped with a potent rear wheel motor, the Hutia offers the extra power you need for tackling challenging terrain. Conquer hills, cruise through sand, and explore off-road trails with ease.

Integrated Battery: With a 10,4 Ah integrated battery located conveniently on the bike, you have the power you need for your daily journeys. Experience extended rides without the worry of running out of battery.

Precision Shifting: The Shimano TY 21 with 7-speed gears ensures that you have the right gear for any terrain. Climb steep hills, cruise on flat surfaces, and smoothly transition between gears as you tackle diverse landscapes.

Fold and Go: The Hutia’s folding frame makes it incredibly easy to transport and store, allowing you to take your fatbike on your outdoor escapades without hassle. It’s your ticket to adventure wherever you roam.

  • Product Info

    21 inch steel frame
    Rear wheel motor
    10,4 Ah battery
    Shimano TY 21
    7 Gears
    Fixed fork

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